Thursday, January 23, 2014

Career Surveys

Came across some interesting activities at, all of which are great for a unit on professions!  These two are my favorites:

  • Kennt Ihr Kind seine Interessen?
    This pdf is basically a list of different activities.  Students determine on a scale how much those activities (like repairing, organizing, cleaning, etc) interest them.  This survey actually has a lot of different discussions that could draw off if it: What profession goes best with each activity?  What is your current career plan?  Do your interests line up with the career you're considering?  If they're different, do you think that might influence your career choice later on?
  • Mein persönliches Profil: Meine Stärken einschätzen (pg 18-19)
    Somewhat similar, this goes through a list of different skills.  Students rate their own ability in these different areas.  They can also rate a partner - leads into a great discussion on how we view our strengths/weaknesses vs what others think of us (Personal and Public Identities, anyone?).  It also seems like a good lead into their mock job interviews that we do in class, especially since one of the interview questions relates to their strengths/weaknesses.

    There are actually a lot of other activities in this pdf, but the survey is the one I currently plan on using with my students.  Some of the pages following the survey look interesting as well.

- Frau Leonard


  1. I was wondering if you have a PDF version of the persoenliches Profil to send - it is no longer available and I was so excited to use this with my kiddos! Feel free to email me at Love your blog!!

    1. Oh no! It isn't working and I can't find my copy... I hate it when I forget to back things up :( Unfortunately it looks like I don't have a copy, so sorry!

    2. No worries! The other one with the interests looks awesome, and I can build off of that! Thanks again! :)