Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wiener Konditoreis: Authentic Reading

A colleague of mine several years ago had lived in Austria - during my first year teaching German, she gave me this old menu she happened to have.  It was from an Eiscafé in Vienna.  Nothing too fancy - just eight menu items in a small pamphlet style menu.

The great thing was that it went along perfectly with the Deutsch Aktuell, Kapitel 6B.  This unit adds to the earlier vocab list on food by giving different drinks and types of ice cream.  It's relatively easy to find online menus or pictures of menus, but here was a real one straight from Europe for students to see!

I made a bunch of color copies and laminated them to give it more of a menu-like feel (and makes it more durable - I made them six years ago and still use them each year).  It's authentic but more than comprehensible enough for German 1 students.  They love that they have something they can actually read all of!

If you'd like the full menu and questions I use, it's available on TPT - just click here!

- Frau Leonard

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