Monday, June 9, 2014

Das ist so ein Monster!

A theme that seems to come up a lot when learning about body parts is monsters and aliens.  I have several activities where students have to either describe or create monsters - students love getting to see weird monsters and being creative when they come up with their own.

Last week with German 2 we were finishing up class a little early.  We were in the middle of our body parts unit, so I came up with a closing activity based on the monster descriptions students had just been doing.  I asked students to get out a piece of paper and trace their hand.  With just this outline, students then had to create a monster by adding different body parts to it.

Here are some of their monsters:

Afterward, you can have students describe different monsters to each other.  You'll have a variety of monsters to choose from, but the beauty is that they all start with a hand - every student will have a base to build off of.

It was a fun, quick activity that I would recommend trying as a closing (or opening) for class.

- Frau Leonard

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