Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Differenze Linguistiche: Memes for German Pronunciation

Every year we start German 2 with a review of some of the things we covered in German 1.  Along with some vocab and grammar topics, this includes a short review of pronunciation.  

Last year I found some videos on How German Sounds Compared to Other Languages which I used as an attention grabber when we started this topic.  What I'm hoping to do next year is capitalize on this common meme:
I found a couple examples to show students (look for ones like "ich liebe dich," "Aschenputtel," "Staatsangeh├Ârigkeit," and "Naturwissenschaften").  I plan to have students create their own.  I made a template for them where they just have to insert the different words.  

If you're interested in a copy, it's available for free on TPT.

Hopefully this will be a fun, beginning of the year activity that not only helps them review German (and maybe learn a few new words!) but also get them to be a little more culturally savvy :)

- Frau Leonard


  1. Liebe Frau Leonard,

    I love all of the effort that you put into your classes! You seem incredibly dedicated to teaching and to your students.

    Making all of your work open-source is really nice! I'll be referring to these once I start working on my Germanistik Master in September. I just posted a link to my language start-up's Twitter page:) @chatterplot

    Hope you're having a nice Wednesday!
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I remember how hard it was when I started teaching to find *anything* German related online. So much French and Spanish... Now that I have more time, I want to share what I've done to help other German teachers :)

      Good luck on your Germanistik Master!